Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable only to the sale of fixed-price Property on the Shlokart site and not to auction works. For terms and conditions related to specific auction, please check the conditions for sale for that auction.

"Buyer" shall mean a person who is registered as a user to access the Website and buys a Property from the Website.

"Description" means all the details of a Property as set out in the Website and may include, without limitation, the name of the artist, designer or manufacturer, the title of the Property, and the following additional details:

1. For artworks: the signature of the artist/ date of the Property (if any), the surface, medium and dimensions, year, provenance and any additional information related to the Property.

2. For jewellery, watches and precious stones: any other features or weight or characteristics of the Property mentioned on the Website

"Property" means the artwork, jewellery, watches, loose precious stones and other such articles offered by Shlokart for sale either individually or collectively (as a single unit) through the Website.

General terms:

1. The Property made available for sale on the Website may not always be in the physical possession of Shlokart and may be physically located anywhere in the world.

2. All Property made available for sale on the Website will be sold at the price listed and no discounts will be granted to the Buyer. The price of the Property listed does not include duties, taxes, shipping and handling, which will be charged as applicable and would depend on the physical location of the Property as well as the shipping address provided by the Buyer. The information provided during registration or amended at the time of finalizing a purchase shall be the final billing address and shipping address for delivery of the Property.