About Shlok NGMA

The expansive state of Maharashtra comprises distinct territories such as Konkan, Western Maharashtra, Marathwada, Khandesh, and Vidarbha, each of which possess a unique socio- political and cultural flavor. How intensely do provincial features such as locale, economy, social structure, culture manifest in works of artists tucked away in relatively faceless towns? When most artists migrate to urban spaces how do they negotiate with their new environment?

‘Rethinking the Regional‘ endeavors to cover a wide and ambitious spectrum of the art scene from the 1940’s and 50’s till the present times. identifying regions, artists and works of art from the 40’s to the present day. The exhibition maps art practices in the regional domain from the pre independence period to the present, appraising styles and content of artworks, examining aspects such as art schools, art pedagogies, patronage, connoisseurship and regional art literature.

Shlok was established by Mrs. Sheetal Darda with the aim to provide a platform to promising artists from faraway towns and smaller cities in Maharashtra who needed to be more visible but had limited means of getting access to avenues in art. Shlok in collaboration with NGMA Mumbai has envisaged ‘Rethinking the Regional’, with Dr. Manisha Patil as the Curator and Mrs. Sheetal Darda as Project Director.