Jawaharlal Darda Kala Akademi

Tendency to give substantial visible form to an abstract idea is so deeply rooted in humanity that it must be looked upon as responding to a human necessity.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Appreciation is to beauty, what breathing is to life. It is true of artists and their art. Both are mutually exclusive and are absolutely essential to enrich life.

Art sustains life by weaving substance into it. It makes life more meaningful, interesting and therefore, worth living. But without Artist there shall be no Art, and without Art, life shall be too dull and drab. Therefore, the Artist must live, continue to create and to enrich life.

Jawaharlal Darda Kala Akademi is our response to a necessity called life. Akademi's foremost objective is to scout creative talent in the region, and to encourage, nurture and reward such existing creative excellence. We envisage that Jawaharlal Darda Kala Akademi shall be a launch pad for creative excellence of coming generations.


When the cause is genuine and the efforts are sincere, generosity has no constraints. It begins from the location. Jawaharlal Darda Kala Akademi currently operates from 1,500 sq. ft ultra modern Art Gallery in the basement of Lokmat Bhavan, Nagpur. The Gallery is ideal for Exhibitions, Lecture-Workshops, Interactive sessions, Poetry-&-Book readings, Ballet- Dance-&-Drama rehearsals, Felicitations & Functions or Artists' gatherings. But for us this place is far more than just structure of bricks. In a sense, It's a building block for great movements, wherein Lokmat grew and spread in Maharashtra. The same inspiration follows to nurture the Akademi.