Our Inspiration

Jawaharlalji DardaJawaharlalji DardaWhile He lived, His Virtue, Wisdom and Valor were the Pride and Ornament of his Country, and when He Died, He Left an Illustrious Example of a Well Spent Life, Worthy of all imitation.

Jawaharlalji Darda was many things, but that which is most prominent amongst his illustrious profile is the fact that he was one of those many Indians who put their life on the line, and fought for the freedom of our country. It is because of his contribution and others like him that we breathe easy today. We shall strive for unity, so that the tremendous sacrifices made by our martyrs and freedom fighters is in no way undermined.

A man with rich tastes, his flair for dressing, as also his personality evoked awe and respect. He was a true lover of Nature, searching for melodies and finding them in the dribbling streams, falling rain, rustling leaves, and cascading fountains. The Chirps and squeaks of birds were music to his ears.

A magnanimous patron and host, he was especially generous to all Marathi stage artists. We dedicate this Kala Akademi to his memory and his love for arts. With your generosity, love and courage, you easily touched and inspired so many lives.