About Shlok

Sheetal DardaSheetal Darda

Started in 2008, by Sheetal Darda, Shlok is a social platform for artists of all genres, helping them to reach out to the community as well as providing the community canvases to choose from. India is vested with a plethora of talent, especially residing in the smaller cities of the country, which goes untapped, as people tend to focus on a few known artists of the big cities. Each year, Shlok visits the cities of Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Kolkata, Nagpur, Nasik and Pune through an exhibition held in each of these cities. Shlok is not limited to just that city itself, but reaches to the entire district covering even the smaller towns and villages of that region.

Shlok has been working diligently and has succeeded in identifying several artists from these places who have produced exceptional quality art works. These artists usually go undiscovered as they do not have the appropriate and proper means or infrastructure to showcase their talent. Shlok provides the artists a medium to display their work and thus providing the art lovers, an opportunity to invest in art.